Random thisismyjam users API

This Is My Jam has a good read-only API, but it doesn't have a way to get a random list of users

This mini API fixes that

Random users

GET /api/1.0.0/users/random-users try it

20 items are returned by default

You can get a different amount by specifying the quantity filter (max = 100)

GET /api/1.0.0/users/random-users?quantity=50 try it

Full user details

This api doesn't return full user details yet

In the meantime, you can take the username and use the official The Jam API to get full user (and other) details

GET http://api.thisismyjam.com/1/derekahmedzai.json try it



Provided "as is". Made by Derek Ahmedzai - email me at derek@sharpshooter.org if you have any questions